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Submitted on
October 3, 2009
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As I look out my window
I stare into the dark
All that smiles is the moon
Which creates my shadow
Among the quiet street
Stands a single figure

All that moves is the figure
Who stares at my window
Lights go out in the street
And the world becomes dark
I no longer have my shadow
My only friend is the moon

I am jealous of the moon
For it does not fear the figure
And it needs no shadow
All I have is my window
So I may see the dark
That I see in the street

Now across the street
Clouds pass the moon
And gives advantage to the dark
But I can see the figure
He is at my window
Covered in his shadow

I wish I had my shadow
There is no comfort in the empty street
All that is between us is a window
He laughs along with the moon
I cannot ignore the figure
For he has become the dark

Everywhere is dark
There is no shadow
All that matters is the figure
The one I saw on my street
I cannot hear the laughs of the moon
And I no longer have my window

My window has lost to the dark
The moon dissappers behind the shadow of the horizon
All that’s left is darkness and the figure that came from the street
This is for the Sestina-ween contest. eee So excited :excited: I wish for Halloween to come soon :D
Inspired by the neighbor watch sticker on my window:mwahaha::fear:
The above picture is from the Detective Conon Manga

Black w/ white writing :D so much fun

whoa...the last part was creepy. Very creepy indeed.
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